Many Are Called… Few Are Chosen…

The following Brothers have been duly initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Xi Alpha Lambda Chapter.  *CD = Chapter Dean. Brothers — Corrections to this information can be sent to the chapter’s Associate Editor to the Sphinx at

  • Spring 1982 – April 21
    Robert Johnson
    Willard Walton
    Carl Bentley
    Arthur Graves
    Raymond Boddie
    Kevin Armstrong
    Robert Easter
    Greg Lewis

  • Spring 1983 – May 1
    Carlton Harris
    Leroy Spivey
    George Gray
    Tommy Daniels
    Fred Nevels
    Richard Partick
    John Pritchard

  • Spring 1984 – May 11
    Robert Frazier
    Theodore Jackson
    Raymond Polk Sr.
    Johnnie Wilson

  • Spring 1985 – April 15
    Cornell Shelton
    Gregory Johnson
    Jerry Williams
    Lester Ward
    Donald Smith

  • Spring 1986 – April 25
    Christopher Evans
    Moses Payne
    Willie Rhodes
    Daniel Womack
    Jim Williams
    Charlie Bell
    Sidney Evans Jr.
    Michael Wood

    CD-Thyrone Henderson

  • Spring 1987 – April 24
    John Powell
    Henry Coley
    Claiborne Haugthon
    Walter Berry
    Charles Issac
    Robert Kendrick III
    Nathaniel Stokes

  • Spring 1988 – May 20
    Jeff Sheffield
    Carroll Antoine
    David Bowie
    Johnny Brinson
    Earnie Ferreiara
    Willie Griffith
    Richard Hollis
    James Lee
    Blake Morant
    Charles Murphy
    Charles Lundermoon
    Louie Allen
    George Braxton
    Gary Griffin
    Carl Lockett
    Roscoe Mccormick

  • Spring 1989 – May 19
    Earl Stafford Sr.
    James Amps
    Lindell Bradley
    Archie Elam
    James Green
    Larry Henderson
    George Hudgens
    Cuthbert Jacobs
    Edward James
    Vincent Knox
    Leonard Leassear
    Joseph Pleasant

  • Spring 1990 – May 18
    Kenneth Waters
    Thomas Shipman
    Earl Richmond
    Lee Rainer
    Lionell Martin
    Harry Lumpkin
    Gregory Jones
    Allen Broussard
    Edward Bolton

  • Spring 1992 – May 3
    Joseph Austin Sr.
    Michael Boyd
    Michael Brooks
    Anthony Polk

  • Spring 1993 – May 23
    Larry Jackson
    John Kershaw

  • Spring 1995 – May 21
    Willie Nelson Jr.
    John Patton
    Rickey Roach
    Lawrence Shorten
    Troy Washington
    Jerry Williams
    William Kinzer

  • Fall 1997 – December 13
    Jerome Lumpkin
    Theodore Short

  • Spring 1999 – April 3
    Jeffrey George
    Calvin Hill
    Drarell Demps

  • Spring 2000 – April 15
    Kip Banks
    Aaron Lowery
    William Osborne
    Richard Bates

  • Spring 2001 – April 7
    Benzell Floyd
    Sylvester Jones

  • Spring 2002 – April 20
    D. Todd Myrick
    Aric Easterling
    Ryan Whittington

  • Spring 2003 – April 19
    Vernon Saunders
    Scott Price
    Anthony Murphy

    CD-Darren Criglar

  • Fall 2003 – November 8
    Zaarn Neeley
    Richmond Hill

    CD-Darren Criglar

  • Spring 2004 – March 13
    Joseph Terry
    Kenneth Knight

    CD-Vernon Saunders

  • Fall 2004 – November 6
    Charles James III
    Willard Ealey
    Robert Stephens
    Corey Riley
    Shawn Lumpkin

    CD-Vernon Saunders

  • Spring 2005 – April 9
    Darryl Stewart
    Christopher Willis

    CD-Vernon Saunders

  • Fall 2005 – November 5
    Dewon Chaney
    Alfred Turner

    CD-Corey Riley

  • Fall 2006 – November 11
    Chauncey Pointe

    CD-Corey Riley

  • Spring 2007 – March 24
    Alphronzo Moseley

    CD-Corey Riley

  • Fall 2007 – November 10
    Gregory Cody
    Persivia Collins
    Trevor Garrett
    Alan Hudson
    Carver Pace Jr.
    Desmond Pope
    Steven Riddick

    CD-Tyriek Bailey

  • Spring 2008 – April 19
    Brian Garrett
    Lester Simpson

    CD-Tyriek Bailey

  • Fall 2008 – November 8
    “Collaborating Effect”
    Gerald Jackson III
    Jahleel Hudson
    Richard Jones
    Albert Kelvin Dominic

    CD-Tyriek Bailey

  • Spring 2009 – March 29
    “Pharaoh’s Phinest”
    Timothy Dillard
    Laurence Toyer
    Jonathan Crowder
    Allen Gradnigo
    Leonard Toyer
    Oliver Allen
    Abyi Yeshigeta
    Bradley Knox

    CD-Tyriek Bailey

  • Fall 2009 – November 14
    “Divine Intervention L.O.C.”
    Kareem Mitcham
    John Chapman
    Rowan Bronson
    Tristan Mure

    CD-Reginald Banks

  • Spring 2011 – April 16
    “14 Degrees of Conspiracy”
    Xavier Storr
    Dwayne Jackson
    Olufolajimi Ige
    Thomas Brooks Jr.
    Ansara Todd Burgess

    CD-Reginald Banks

  • Spring 2012 – April 28
    “Phrozen Prototypes”
    Justin Terry
    Terry Hogan
    Ricky Allen
    Miles Jenkins
    Bryan Brown
    Derrick Grimes
    Earl Stafford Jr.
    Rodney Yancey
    Bryan Kelley
    Christopher Baynham
    Graig Williams
    Antwain Johnson

    CD-Reginald Banks

  • Spring 2013 – April 13
    “mERphy’s Law”
    Quinton Tarver
    Daryl Varr
    John Williams
    Jonathan Huggs
    Brandon Wright
    Ralph Williams III
    Devin Praylow
    Frank Brooks
    Michael Lewis

    CD-Darryl Sharp Sr.

  • Spring 2014 – March 9
    “The Triumphant 8”
    Anthony Clark
    Davon Gray
    Les DeShield
    Jason Calhoun
    Melvin Brown II
    Jovan Winchester
    D’Juan Burton
    Clifton Townsend

    CD-Thearon Williams

  • Fall 2014 – November 9
    “Nine Souls On Ice”
    Bruce Robertson
    Norman Hilton
    Xavier Pickett
    Ernest Jones
    Scott Guillory
    Melvin Waldrop Jr.
    Bryan Campbell
    Kenneth McCants
    Leon Bass

    CD-Thearon Williams

  • Fall 2015 – November 8
    “Pharaoh’s Empire”
    Luqman McNeil
    Jamere Morrow
    Matthew Brooks
    Walter Smith III
    Terence Johnson
    Larry Price Jr.
    Mohamed Bah
    Robert Lee
    Cedric Hargrove
    Corey Davis
    Edward Brooks
    Theodore “Ted” Thomas

    CD-Thearon Williams

  • Fall 2016 – November 6
    “Escape from Alphatraz”
    Alias “Horror Story”
    Josh Porter
    Dwayne Rax
    Edward Fonteno

    CD-Devin Shanks

  • Fall 2017 – November 5
    “Frozen Tundra”
    Alias “Winter is Coming”
    Patrick Xantus
    Aaron Slack
    Chris McNeil
    James Ridley
    Harold Williams

    CD-Devin Shanks

  • Fall 2018 – November 4
    “The Last Cold War”
    Alias “Gueri11a Warfare”
    Wayne Martin
    Antonio Hurley
    James Thomas
    Michael Sturdivant
    Robert Blackwell
    Byron Bagby
    Jamarcus Daley
    Maurice Hines
    Terrell Benns
    Jermaine Williams
    Shuyab Ali

    CD-Devin Shanks

  • Fall 2019 – November 10
    “Undoubtable 4”
    Elijah McDavid
    Bobby Lacy
    Justin Crawley
    Freddie James

    CD- Forté Ward

  • Origins of Xi Alpha Lambda Chapter

    In the late summer of 1980, the idea of establishing an Alpha Phi Alpha chapter that would be directed towards serving the communities of Prince William and Southern Fairfax Counties took momentum. It was on May 31, 1981, that 34 brothers chartered Xi Alpha Lambda (XAL) in Prince William County, VA as Key Number #590. The men of XAL Chapter consists mostly of active and retired military officers, government civilians and businessmen. We are leaders in the community who are constantly striving to project the positive image of Alpha men as Servants of All.
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